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Sleeper : 1975
8148 Shangrila Ln, Fair Oaks, CA

Confirmed Sparks - For Sale Ad, 1982

O: Mr and Mrs Douglas A Sleeper
I : Carlos & Trudi Brown
I : Desmond Bonnington Jr.
I: Listed for sale, Feb 2, 2022
I: Renovated - some paneling painted, original lights removed, original bathrooms renovated
C: Sold - Jan 17, 2024

Some tidbits we are still researching (thanks for addntl research Sacramento Modern)

1974 - Carter Sparks; Plans for Sleeper Residence for Douglas Sleeper on "Shangrila Ln". Dated 12 2, 1974
1975 - Permit filed by Douglas Sleeper (of Sleeper Stamp & Stationary) for 8148 Shangrila ($33,200 val.)
1976 - Carlos and Trudy Brown lived at 8201 Shangrila (1976 Sac Telephone Directory)
1977 - Mr Sleeper's wife, Helen, passes away (jan 3)
1977 - Permit filed by Carlos Brown for a home addition (july 17) ($6,312 val.)
1978 - Trudi Brown identified as being a prominent member of Sacramento Regional Arts Council

sac bee aug 8, 1982

sac bee aug 8, 1982