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Yelland : 1966

Sacramento River Delta

On Carter - "He was a close family friend and was always great to me when I was a child. He spent a good six months helping me repaint and fix up a car in his barn when I was in high school - a very generous man with his time. He was also an eye opener to me of what an adult could be as a kid in rural (conservative) California. I remember he showed up for one of my parent's summer cocktail parties driving a Lotus he had rebuilt, and wearing a tangerine orange linen suit. He turned heads all the time."

Wynne G. Yelland grew up in a Sparks home not far from Clarksburg.
Mr. Yelland was a close friend of Sparks' and credits him with setting him on a career towards architecture. He is a founder and principal of Locus Architecture.

11/12 - Thanks to Robert Kingsbury for the confirmation. Robert grew up best friends with Wynne Yelland.

North Entrance

photo by Wynne Yelland

photo by Wynne Yelland

pool veranda

photo by Wynne Yelland