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Fava House : 1956

Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA

O: John and Joan Fava
C : Property sold 7/2013; currently neglected 11/2013

Located on a one acre lot just off of Winding Way, the Fava House is in serious disrepair.

One of Sparks' earliest known works, it shows a sometimes reckless creative ambition that many of his later works do not. FLW's influence hovers like a ghost in the spaces, angles and flow. It's nice to see that the kitchen showed some respect for the homeowners, affording them a open view and soaring 15' panes of glass above the sink. You could be washing dishes, or you could be in church.
John and Joan Fava were avid painters, writers and talented musicians who had a fondness for stories of the Wild West. Mrs. Fava is the daughter of Carmel area painter, Margaret Seagraves. A small cloisonné pin of a gold saddle and lasso is embedded into the shard glass fireplace surround.

The Favas lived in the house for nearly 60 years until they could no longer take care of it. It was sold to a party with a promise to fix the place up, but they tore off the delapidated carport and sun deck without doing any other repairs. Perhaps the task was too great, but they walked away. The house fell into Foreclosure and sold at auction in March 2012. In July 2013 it was sold. As of November 2014, it still stands, melting back into the earth.

The Vintage photos below from 1956 & 1962 were rescued from the debris inside the house. You will see snow in Sacramento!

Sacramento Union April 24, 1956
John Fava
Previous Carport / Sundeck on left
Photo dated Nov 1956